A Multi-Dimensional
Collaborative Relationship Bond

Introducing the new generation Collaborative Social Engine enabling collaborative connectivity with varied unlike entities.

The Social Engine do not end in establishing a user connection but also allow diverse transactions fulfilling many requests setting a varied level of strong relationships node bonds.

Dynamic by its nature the social engine weaves a powerful combination of communication tools to strengthen the collaboration strength.

  • Lucid Flow of Information
  • Hybrid Social Collaboration Framework
  • Encrypted Distributed User Entity Profiles
  • Decentralized User Entity Identifier
  • Activity Streamer
  • Multi-Dimensional Relationship model enabling Social support
  • Organic network enabler – People, Groups, Community, Nation
  • Profile and Node based behavior

Our recommendation engine is designed to cater to our different applications reducing multiple user interactions and thus directly reducing the process completion time.

For example, the recommendation engine does away with user selection of a wide range of system provided fixed parameters.

Users can provide in their own words what they are looking for in a free form text. The recommendation engine exploits the NLP component and provides suggestive selects by processing the free form text.

Users can provide in their own words what they are looking for in a free form text. The recommendation engine exploits the NLP component and provides suggestive selects by processing the free form text.


Collaborative Services portal enables authorized providers to receive, process requests from individuals, groups or communities.

Schedule meetings, interviews and other events. Receive important updates from providers and track the progress of requests and service delivery.

Communication with various providers use varied communication tools available on desktops and mobile devices.

This interactive portal enables geographically scattered diverse teams, entities or individuals work seamlessly to achieve specific and common goals.


Directory of Services provides a complete listing of Services and respective organizations providing the services. Other similar applications available in the market is content cluttered and hence takes much time for user to traverse and identify the right information.

Keeping this on mind our technical and Design architects have designed a simplistic but powerful user Interface and engine wherein users can search and access information quickly.

The Directory of Services is dynamic in nature. Rather than just depending on its system level library its bots’ clings and aggregates from varied libraries outside the system for information, thus keeping it active and up to date.

Active Dashboards
& Reporting
Our applications use state of the art plug and play configurable dashboards and reporting with intuitive drill-down information. Our clients have a choice to select any report and format from Report Gallery. All reports designed specially keeping in mind providing cutting edge analytics. To mention a few types of reports in the report gallery are aggregate reports, Tables, and Trends. Each report displays on the basis of a date range provided.
Reports include bar charts and pie-charts plotted for all services. Service Provider Administrators can easily track service delivery using these and many more charts.
Aggregate Reports
Tables plotted for services, availability, and varied service life cycle status.
Trend reports like current service trends, behaviour trends, graphical views plotted for providers and their service consumption.
Trends Report

We provide various public and private portals including portlets both standalone and also finely ingrained with our applications.

These portals are the window for people to apply for various services provided by Government Organizations or private organizations.

The portals take reasonable steps to ensure high-level security including encryption of all information collected. Also steps from risks such as loss or unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure of data.

Meeting Rooms
The meeting room is a common feature within all our applications. A powerful collaborative communication tool intended to connect with individuals, teams, and groups anytime. Our meeting room extends and provides the collaborative fabric of sharing content, live streaming, and recorded sessions. In the meeting room application one can do video conferencing with multiple participants,

It provides instant chat messaging experience that allows having text chat during the conferencing session across platforms with other chat functionalities. Text chatting can be carried between the web application and mobile application.

  • Team & Group chat:
    Create public chat or group chat to hold conversations with real-time experience
  • File sharing
    Share multiple files of any type to users publicly by directly selecting from the computer or mobile
  • Smiley inputs
    User can express their reply with different expression using Smiley
  • Notification
    Notification for each message will be displayed by notifying with the number of received messages
  • Save chat
    Chat history of a session can be saved as .txt .csv file which will include a shared link.

Integrates audio and video chat which provides real-time communication which allows making high-quality video and audio calls without any interference. It provides a crystal clear audio quality and allows the user to change the video quality bases on the network quality. Audio and video can be muted at any time during the meeting session.

  • Cross-platform
    Send & receive messages instantly in real-time across any web, Android & iOS mobile applications.
  • 1 to 1 or One to Many
    User can have 1-to-1 or One to Many chats with real-time experiences
  • HD quality
    User can have a high-quality video and crystal clear audio chat experience
  • Toggle view
    User can view the conference screen in toggle view where all user videos will be displayed at a time
  • Full-screen view
    In full-screen view, a person who is currently speaking will be highlighted
  • Screen sharing
    Share and manage your screen with other devices while in the meeting effortlessly. Users can display their entire screen, active windows, or any active browser tabs to provide seamless conference experience.
  • Picture in Picture
    The PIP mode lets you display your video to other users in the meeting in a floating window within the screen when you are sharing your screen.
  • Live stream
    The application allows you to do stream the video conference session as a live broadcast session.
  • Share Meeting
    The meeting viewer link can be shared directly from inside the meeting. The meeting link can also be provided with a password to authenticate the user to join the meeting.

Users will be allowed to record the meeting session. The recording process can be started/stopped at any point in the meeting simply by clicking on the start recording button. Meeting recordings will be saved which can be shared with other users later. 

  • View recording
    Meeting recording can be viewed by clicking on the Play button. Recording player also provides PIP – picture in picture mode where the video will be played in a floated window allows to access other windows without interruption
  • Download recording
    Recording can be downloaded to a local system by clicking on the download button which can be referred later.
  • Share recording
    Recordings can be shared with other users by sending the recording link directly to them.
Our research team has been intensively working on various technologies to advance our product capabilities. We are recruiting brilliant minds to help us leapfrog our complex business & technological solutions.
Rich User Interface
Award-winning RUI applications using enhanced & extensive framework implementing component-based technologies for clients in the field of Human Services.
Next Generation BI
Our solutions incorporate both structured and unstructured data converting it into exhaustive real-time solutions for active decision making.
Forms & Rule Builder

Rule builder is a combined Form and Data Management platform for form-based Advanced web applications. It enables users to rapidly create Forms and Resources using a simple drag-and-drop form builder user interface. The creation of these forms generates a JSON schema that is not only used to dynamically render the forms within the application, but also automatically generate the corresponding API to receive the data when that form is submitted.

The application allows the user to Create, Update, Delete, manage a form, this can be achieved by the following modules.

Block Chain Indy

Our Blockchain application is built on Generic Hyperledger Indy framework which can be incorporated in any application which require Self Sovereign identity, credential flow, which includes credential issuance presenting credential verification credential revocation.

The other solutions built on top of hyperledger framework simplifies complex exchange of information between different entities depending on information/transaction results provided by other entities. The application ensures information trust and thus increasing the scope of collaboration between two unlike entities.

The smart contracts run on all entity nodes and once the consensus is reached the transaction is committed on nodes run by each partner. This way the transaction execution and storage are decentralized to establish trust. The distributed ledger running among the nodes are immutable.

Mobile Applications

Introducing the Companion Apps for Android & iOS. The mobile division uses latest tools and technologies to provide simple apps for Collaboration with community and businesses with an accountable, transparent, & efficient way.

Mobile applications built by our team makes it simple for our users to fulfill their business objectives. Our mobile applications provide a trusted, safe & secure network for users to work with any individual, organization or community globally.


PROTECH BPMN is an online tool which allows users to Manage Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Decision Model and Notation (DMN), Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) in an easier way. Users can animate/simulate processes and track the version of files. It allows users to verify and group the file in a simpler way.

Users can create templates to replace the technical notation with custom icon and it has flexible features to download the BPMN in Image/PDF.

Using Protech BPMN the functional team can draw and record the processes to build immediately deployable solutions.

Dynamic Dashboard shows data to track various applications and services. These analytics are especially designed for application administrators. It contains aggregate reports, Tables and Trends reports. Each report displayed based on date range.
Reports include bar charts and pie-charts plotted for all services. Service Provider Administrators can easily track service delivery using these and many more charts.
Aggregate Reports
Tables holds tables plotted for overdue applications and current availability
Trends reports holds graphical view plotted for each units, application response, availability and average time.
Trends Report

The Jobs posting & tracking application provides our users access to elaborate tools from resource sourcing to hiring in the modern collaborative business world. Our Jobs application has a gamut of features to boast of, some of the features are as follows.

My Jobs, Open Contracts, Make Offers, Receive Applications, Contracts, Track Work progress, Feedbacks and Open Jobs posts made by an individual or an organization. An employer also can browse Candidates and other jobs. Candidates can browse employers and jobs.

Work Profile

Work Profile feature shows Resumes, Dashboard, Browse, About Section, Site Hours, Projects Completed, Updates and Applied
Opportunities based on Candidate Work Profile or Organization Work Profile.

  • Receive Applications
    Beneficiaries can search a list of employers and view their profile to contact them for their job offering.
  • Make Offers
    Employers can make offers and set the pay rate hourly or by project milestone.
  • Sign Contracts
    Candidates Accept or Reject Job offers made by the employers. Accepted offers are shown as Signed Contracts in Open Contracts Grid.
  • Track Work Progress
    Employers can track the Contract Progress of any user by filtering the date range in the time-sheet.
  • Resume/Pause/End Contract
    Employers/Candidate can pause/resume/end contract the current projects
  • Give Feedback/Rating
    The feature allows users to provide ratings and reviews on Employers and for the work done by the Freelancer.
  • Browse Opportunities
    Allows users to search for Jobs posted by an Organization and apply by submitting a Proposal for the job.
  • Browse Candidates
    Feature available in Organization Workspace for the Organization to search and hire skilled candidates.
  • Browse Employers
    Beneficiaries can search a list of employers and view their profile to contact them for their job offering.
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